Does pickle juice clean your system from drugs?

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It never gets old when people ask, “will pickle juice help me to pass a drug test?” or “If I drink vinegar, will I pass a drug test.” This is because drug tests often spring up suddenly and when it does, you’ll need a solution. Failure to pass the drug test can have adverse effects on you or your job.

Pickle Juice is a common method people use for drug detox. If DIYs remedies seems to be too difficult, use ready-to-consume drinks and pills, such as Toxin Rid . Many people use this juice to pass their drug tests when they are in a fix. With an adequate understanding of how it works, you can maximize pickle juice to appear clean. Here’s all you need to know.

Can You Drink Pickle Juice To Pass A Drug Test?

The idea that pickle juice can help pass a drug detox test comes from pickle juice’s ingredients. These ingredients include:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Water

Vinegar is an acetic acid that can serve various purposes, one of which is for drug tests. Drinking vinegar works effectively for neutralizing THC metabolites contained in your system if you are on drugs.

So, when you take pickle juice before your drug test, the chances are high that the vinegar will change the test results. This way, the laboratory will likely not find any traces of drugs in your urine, as the vinegar would have cleaned your system. If you need to pass urinalysis, you may use Powdered Urine


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This accounts for why many people consider this procedure, especially when they have a drug test without notification. However, while vinegar is an effective ingredient for passing drug test, it often doesn’t provide instant results.

This means that if you take pickle juice for an extremely short period before your drug test, you may not get the desired results. As such, some people who take pickle juice for drug detox fail their tests.

Possible Methods To Use

While pickle juice may be useful for passing your drug tests, you need to know the possible methods to use it.

There are essentially two methods. You can either drink it or mix with your urine during the procedure. As you may already think, the first is the safer method. All you need to do is drink the pickle juice, and it will do the rest of the work.

On the other hand, adding pickle juice to your urine can be challenging because someone may monitor you during the process. Some tests may require that you have a witness while you get your urine. Others use some other monitoring means to ensure your urine is not compromised before it gets to the lab. As such, in these cases, you may find it difficult to use pickle juice for thc detox.

You may wonder how much vinegar to drink to pass a drug test. Well, you need to use your pickle juice with a gallon of water with little sugar with the drinking solution. The taste will not be pleasant, and this is one of the features of pickle juice. It often has an unpleasant taste, and it may even trigger diarrhea if your body system doesn’t agree with it.

Also, the juice contains salt, which likely will get you thirsty after drinking it. This is one more reason why you need a gallon of water. The water you drink will cause you to have a lot to pee before your drug test. The idea is that the thc in your system will go out through the pee and, by peeing a lot, you’d get to remove the thc present.

Drinking pickle juice works because the acetic acid will neutralize the thc while the added water volume will help wash it out and keep your system clean.

Pickle Juice THC Detox: What Are The Pros and Cons?

Many people acclaim that drinking pickle juice worked for them to pass their drug tests. However, while people say that pickle juice works, there’s a need to consider its pros and cons carefully.


Pros Cons
Studies have been carried out on pickle juice and its benefits, and some studies conclude that it works in system cleansing. Unlike cranberry juice, pickle juice is not appetizing. The juice has an unpleasant taste, which you may find disturbing.
Pickle juice is generally healthy for the body. It’s a recovery aid, free of fat, and helps to control blood sugar levels. If you intend to use pickle juice for weed detox, this may be harmful, as experience shows it’s not always effective.
Pickle juice also helps strengthen the system against diabetes. Pickle juice is most useful for THC. It likely won’t work for other drugs and may have adverse effects if you persist.
Pickle juice is effective as a water pill. Pickle juice contains vinegar. So, you can be at the risk of acid burn or nausea when you drink high or excessive amount.


Are There Problems With Pickle Juice THC Detox?

Using pickle juice to pass drug tests will not always work. Suppose you suffer a kidney problem or ulcer, it is advisable you stay away from pickle juice, as that might cause more complications. Also, if you’re using potassium for diuretics, stay away from pickle juice to avoid further health problems.

Asides from health risks, you need to be careful using pickle juice, so you don’t get caught. Authorities follow the trend and are on alert about this method. They have certain means to detect if you have used pickle juice. For instance, aside from the metabolites, the creatine rate in your urine will also reduce when you drink pickle juice. Most laboratories will examine this during their assessment.

Getting caught may even cause you more problems than the one you’re trying to solve. As such, it’s advisable that you have some days between when you use pickle juice and when you have your test.

Much research has gone into the effects of pickle juice on passing drug tests. Most of the conclusions argue that neither pickle juice nor apple cider vinegar is ultimately an effective solution. Some people have tried this method, and it worked. However, that is not a guarantee that it will always work.

You can choose to go for it if you’re in a fix. But understand that the result is based on probability. Regardless, your pickle juice remains effective for normal detoxification and also helps with burning fat. But don’t place all your hopes in pickle juice helping you navigate a drug test within a short period. For instance, here’s a review:

“A long time ago (at least 20 years) that was the case, it was the vinegar that did the trick, however, drug tests have gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years and this old tick is no longer effective.” – Michelle.

Final Thoughts

Most times, when you need to do a drug test, it will be impromptu. Often, your school or employer may want to know your status with drugs. In these cases, you can use pickle juice to avoid a dramatic result. Follow the procedures carefully and ensure you drink enough water before the test day. Alternative detox remedies may be interesting, but if you have not used it before, it is better to choose ready-to-consume detox products, such as Toxin Rid or another one.

However, research shows that it may or may not work. While it has worked for some people, laboratories keep evolving with drug testing technology. As such, it may be tricky to use this method to pass your drug test. So, do not be totally convinced that it’s all fine once you use pickle juice.