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Refuge Recovery Centers is the premiere Buddhist informed addiction treatment center in the United States. Founded by Noah Levine, our treatment program utilizes a unique blend of Buddhist philosophy and evidence-based clinical approaches, including attachment theory and EMDR therapy. As clients move through our program they gain clarity and learn to take refuge in transformational practices, supportive community, and their own potential.


The treatment program at Refuge Recovery Centers provides a framework grounded in practical Buddhist ethics and established psychology that incorporates mind, body, spirituality, and family. By addressing the underlying causes around addiction, our therapists can better equip clients with the tools that empower them and promote long-term recovery.


We use the philosophy of the Buddhist path to help clients focus on their direct experience of the present moment, including the thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions and emotions that arise.

Mindfulness &
EMDR Therapy

All of our therapists are trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) specialists and use a wide variety of evidence based treatment modalities to assist clients with the reprocessing of traumatic memories.


At Refuge Recovery Centers, we view addiction as an attachment disturbance. It is our understanding that all people need stable relationships with others to maintain balance and regulate emotions.

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Refuge Recovery Transitional Living provides a safe and sober community for individuals in our recovery program.