Marijuana detox plan

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Marijuana is one of the substances that could eventually lead to an addiction. While there are certain propagations that the weed does not cause an addiction, facts have shown the opposite is the case. Certain people claim that pot is not addictive because its rate of causing addiction is not as much as other similar substances like opioids, meth, and cocaine. Nevertheless, this substance can be addictive because of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemical. This chemical has proven to be the biggest challenge for frequent weed smokers and is the reason for the withdrawal symptoms. To understand THC Detox, It is essential to know what Marijuana withdrawal is and how it differs from detoxing.

This article will be focusing on weed detoxing which is the flushing out of weed from your system. It is not necessarily about stopping marijuana. It is more about getting marijuana out of your system to avoid detection as quickly as possible.

Marijuana Detox has proven to be one of the hardest things for many people who smoke pot. The most popular THC cleanse attempts usually leave other traces, eventually defeating their purpose. As such, expert advice and guidance to succeed with it. This article will be doing just that by highlighting all you need to flush marijuana out of your system and the best way to detox your body from Thc.

THC Detox: What is Weed Detoxifying

Weed detoxification is the steps people addicted to weed take to pass a drug test. It is also sometimes confusing as Weed or THC withdrawal. However, they are not the same as our intro suggested. THC is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a psychoactive agent or chemical in marijuana and is primarily responsible for the high feeling people get when they smoke or use weed frequently. It is a lipid-soluble chemical that binds to body fat. People with extra fat are more likely to suffer its effects.

THC is usually strong for the brain at the beginning of pot intake, and the latter must develop a tolerance for it. With time, the brain will begin reading THC signals as a necessary chemical for normal functioning. However, THC and marijuana have many side effects that affect smokers’ mental and physical health.

Many people usually attempt to stop their dependence, which is where the problem arises. Since the brain is already used to THC, stopping it leads to undesirable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are often challenging to manage. It will generally take more than just will for the brain to return to normal functioning.

Because of the time and journey of withdrawing, most people opt for detoxing to pass a drug test and achieve sobriety. This article will highlight what THC removal or withdrawal takes.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

The question about how long it takes to get weed out of your system is generally determined by how long people who smoke marijuana will fail a drug test. The fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test depends on several important factors, which include

  • Your Body fat
  • Your consumption level and dependency on the pot or marijuana pills
  •     Type of drug test

Body fat plays a significant role if you are looking for how to get weed out of your system quickly. THC, the most profound chemical in marijuana, clings to fat since it is lipid-soluble. So if you are fat, you are less likely to clean your system for drug test reading early enough. You will get THC out of your body quickly if you are not fat.

Marijuana Detox depends heavily on your smoking and intake frequency. Your consumption and intake level of marijuana also determine how long THC will stay in your system. It is much more difficult to pass a drug test if you are a frequent smoker. The more a person depends on THC, the more difficult it is to get the pot out and have a whole THC Detox.

People who have only smoked marijuana for the first time will fail a drug test within the first three days. Those who smoke up to 4 times a week will not pass a test for 5 -7 days after their last smoke. Consistent daily smokers will have traces of THC and marijuana for up to 30 days.

The next thing that affects how long weed stays in the body is the choice of test. There are different types of tests for weed, and each one is quite different in sensitivity. The mouth swab or saliva test is considered the least sensitive test and will read marijuana in the body from 24 to 72 hours. The Urine test will detect marijuana from anywhere between 2 to 30 days. A hair test that depends on follicles oil will read cannabis in the body for up to 90 days after use.

There has been concern about hair follicles giving a false positive. This is because it can show that someone who had come in contact with a recent marijuana user is on cannabis despite not smoking.

Planning How to Achieve Marijuana Detoxing or Cleansing.

You must take specific steps to achieve marijuana cleanse success and flush THC. You must understand that simply using a marijuana system cleaner will not just do the work. So if you are thinking of how to detox from weed or get a successful weed cleanse, you need a plan. This section will highlight the best way to detox your body from thc or at least achieve a detox cleanse for drug test readings.

Time to test

Since the hair follicles test can detect weed in the body for up to 90 days, the best plan is to seek to avoid weed within that time frame. However, it is no doubt that staying entirely away from the pot for such a long time will be difficult as it will trigger the withdrawal symptoms discussed in the article above. However, reducing smoking to a drug test in the first fifty days and stopping entirely within the last twenty to ten days will help immensely.

Your weight

As highlighted in the previous section, having fat does not help to achieve detox faster. On the other hand, having a leaner body helps detoxification work much better. You must take this step seriously if you are on the weighty side.

Marijuana Dependence and Frequency

Obviously, the more a person smokes THC cannabis, the more difficult it is to eliminate it from the body. Irrespective of your dependence on marijuana, you will need to reduce the number of sticks you regularly take for the best effect. Following the rules of the first step will make it easier for you to cut down on your marijuana intake before the big day.


Your budget is important if you want to detox successfully. You have to plan for it because you may need more than one remedy. You will need a THC detox kit. Also, using the best detox drinks for weed will come in handy. These two, among other steps, depending on your financial strength. So you will need to be sure you can handle the cost if you want to detox successfully.

Is THC Detox Possible, and Do Detox Remedies Work?

Detoxification is one of the trickier goals to achieve. The thing is, many sources will claim that detoxification and its different remedies work. However, it is not just black and white. For detoxification to work, you will need to play a huge role. Firstly, improving your diet and eating more nourishing food weeks before the test is important.

A short quick therapy will also help, so you can opt for that if you feel the need to. Third, understanding how Cannabis and THC work is the key to success, as highlighted in the above sections. If you stick to all of these, you will likely beat a drug test with the help of Detox remedies. If you do not do them, you are likely to be spotted. This is not because Detox Remedies do not work. Because there are other factors, most THC tests consider whether a detox product was used to alter readings.

The Urine test, for example, can determine whether you used a marijuana cleanse. Cleanses, teas, and detox drinks usually help to reduce the density of THC in the urine. They do this by causing you to piss or urinate more often than usual. However, too much urination reduces urine creatinine and makes it lighter than usual. A simple urine test will determine the level of creatinine in the urine. Even if you do not fail the THC test, the unusually low creatinine level will make the test considered contaminated, and you ruled for a failed drug test.

The implication of this example shows there are no magical ways to clean out your system in 24 hours if you are a frequent smoker. However, doing everything outlined in this piece to this point will help you immensely.

Special THC detox Mouthwash does help, and since the Mouth swab or saliva test is the fastest to fail in detecting marijuana, mouthwash or fruit pectin help significantly. If you are one of the users, who wants to know, how to get pot out, keep reading.

Famous THC Detox Methods

Detox Kits

Several detox kits offer an excellent success rate for handling your THC problems. These kits stand out because it enriches the body with vitamins and minerals while eliminating THC. One of the top product pills that patients can trust is the Toxin Rid, which has a success rate of up to 90% in eliminating THC traces as a cleanser sample. These are other pills similar to toxin red and generally, boil down to preference.

Detox Drinks

Detox Drinks help a lot with flushing out detox of the body. The majority of these drinks work through the flushing of the kidney. That causes pee frequency. They are best taken regularly days before the drug test. While it may not be easy to tell which detox drinks work the best, Mega Clean has stood out to a considerable extent. This detox drink flushes THC out of your system and provides your body with needed vitamins & minerals. Rescue Cleanse is another Detox Drink that stands out.


Exercising helps people get rid of weed from their system. This process is known as weed cleanse. Generally, aerobic and cardiovascular exercise is very effective in controlling weed levels and ensuring that you sweat out THC. Other exercise options include

  1. Yoga
  2. Sage Twist Pose
  3. Mini-Trampoline Rebounding
  4. Shoulder Stand Pose
  5. Revolted Chair Pose


Sauna is a detoxing method that works by exposure to a heated room. Sauna practically does the opposite of what a freezing room would do and trigger detoxification by sweat. It is, however, important that you gradually work your way and warm your body to this detoxing method. Saunas are generally heated, and staying no more than ten minutes at moderate temperature is considered the best introduction for beginners. You can work your way to as many minutes as you require.


You can dilute THC concentration and density in your body by using specified expert herbal products. These products usually require water. However, you will need to use them as prescribed by the manufacturer. The assurance of this working is not as high as Detox Kits and Detox drinks. However, it has the edge over natural methods.

Possible Side Effects of Marijuana Detoxification

Detoxification does have some side effects spread across its different methods and products, and they include

  1. Gastrointestinal Complications
  2. Vomiting or Nausea
  3. Nutrition Deficiency
  4. Dehydration