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Treatment is the beginning of the process we call recovery. In treatment clients discover that while addiction isn’t their fault, it is their responsibility to develop self-care practices and support networks to prevent regression and further their healing. Often the high of treatment is followed by the difficulty of returning to a regular routine without the supportive network of treatment professionals. This responsibility can seem overwhelming to those who are new in their recovery process, making it is essential that clients find a way to connect with others post-treatment to build upon what has been learned and to support the healthy actions of recovery.

The Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers’ alumni program seeks to ease the transition back into the routine of daily life by connecting clients to local support communities and other alumni. It also encourages alumni to continue the development of skillful efforts that was initiated in treatment.

Buddhist practice states that community is the whole of the practice; our alumni program seeks to aid the client in the development of this community through wholesome friendships and supportive connections.

Regular Calendar Events:

Our Alumni Program Includes:

Monthly Alumni Group

3rd Tuesday of every month
at Refuge Recovery Centers

Morning Meditation

10am Monday-Friday
@ Refuge Recovery Centers

Friends & Family Group

Every Saturday 10am-12pm
at Refuge Recovery Centers

For any questions please contact [email protected] com