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What People Are Saying

  • My time at Refuge Recovery has been a life changing six months for me. The instructors and house staff have been caring and committed since the day I arrived. I'm confident that the meditation training and practices have provided me with life long tools for self efficacy. Overall,  Refuge is a comprehensive recovery approach that has given me both education about my drug abuse, and more importantly, practical tools to deal with it.

    Tyson A.
  • When I first started to drink and use drugs it made it easy to connect with other people. In the end of my addiction I was using drugs and alcohol to connect with myself and every else was gone. 
Meditation and the process of Refuge Recovery taught me how to reconnect with myself so I can connect with others.

  • Refuge Recovery shows me the path to the end of the suffering created by addiction and gives me the tools I need to navigate that path on a daily basis. The tools of the program and the teachings of the Buddha allow me to experience ordinary life in a relieving and refreshing way - a way which is totally different from any experience I've had in recovery, or in life, up to this point. In the Refuge program, ancient wisdom and modern knowledge reinforce one another and form techniques to build a solid foundation for living. If you have suffered as a sensitive human being in this world, as I have, then I believe you will find great relief in mindfulness, meditation, and the application of the teachings to your recovery and to your life.

  • The six weeks I spent at Refuge Recovery were transformative.  Of course, that is the point of rehabilitation. There are, however, aspects of the refuge experience that were importantly different than a very excellent but more traditional facility that I attended first.  Daytime resident advisors served as mentors, both by modeling wise behaviour as well as by answering questions about anything imaginable. The Sangha/community aspect had me surrounded with people of a common purpose or perspective no matter what their role or how far along the path they had come. The therapists and teachers in the IOP program brought powerful skills as well as awesome knowledge and personal experience.  The most compelling part of the experience was an introduction to the Buddhist framework for understanding my inner experience.  For me, the short course in attachment theory proved to be catalyst in bringing it all together. I was finally able to understand the long term reactive nature of my thoughts and feelings, how my addictive behaviours fit within this framework and most importantly what I needed to know and do to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

    Terry I.
  • I am forever grateful for the staff and community at Refuge Recovery Centers. After years of loneliness and suffering due to addiction, I finally found freedom and a sense of belonging thanks to the counselors, facilitators and my peers in the program. Refuge gave me a foundation to build my life on that allows me to think clearly in difficult times and base my actions and thoughts on compassion and kindness for myself and the world.

    Taylor H.