You might be abusing alcohol if you identify with these 4 signs

Coming to terms with alcohol abuse can be a challenging process. Working through pride, ego, shame, and guilt, is like trudging through mud. Before you’re willing to do that work, you have to know the facts. If you’re concerned you might be abusing alcohol, see if you identify with these 4 signs.

  • You’re embarrassed by your drinking

Somehow, each time you drink, you end up doing something embarrassing. You didn’t mean to blackout, again, but it happened and you were unaware of your actions. You’re aware that these aren’t isolated events. It seems as though every time you drink you end up doing something questionable for which you feel regret the next day. You certainly don’t mean for it to keep happening, yet it continues to. Out of shame, guilt, and fear, you might conceal your shame with another drink. You find yourself afraid of seeking the answer to your problem and the idea of dealing with these feelings might make you want to drink.

  • Your “never again” keeps happening, again

On Monday you told yourself, “tomorrow I’m only having one drink.” Tuesday came and went. You told yourself “Well I had three drinks tonight, but I had way more than that on Monday. Tomorrow I’ll only have one drink.” Wednesday, you had two. Thursday, you had two. Friday, you realized, you’ve only had two drinks each night for the last few nights, so it’s probably okay to have a few more. Saturday morning you wake up in the same state you did Monday morning when you made your decree to drink less. You feel unable to keep to your limitations.

  • You’re losing track of yourself

Does life exist outside of social activities involving alcohol? You might not be able to remember the last time you had ‘fun’ without having a few too many drinks. You had hobbies once, but your social calendar has become so busy, and the days in between events so consumed with hangovers, they’ve fallen to the wayside. Looking at your calendar, you notice that alcohol takes the lead in how you organize your schedule.

  • You’re convinced “this” can’t be “it”

Alcoholism looks a certain way. A homeless person on the street sadly drinking from a brown paper bag is alcoholism. Though you can probably admit that perhaps you might be drinking more than necessary, you certainly don’t think you have any kind of problem with alcohol. You realize, that you have a problem with where your life is as a whole. You’re deeply unsatisfied with the way your life is going and the alcohol is helping you deal with that. You feel that there is much more waiting for you in life but you feel unable to get there. You might become aware that maybe, another drink isn’t going to help.

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