Yoga Poses for Addiction Recovery

Yoga is rapidly moving out of the alternative therapy category for addiction treatment into the label of “evidence based”. Increasingly, yoga is being scientifically proven to provide psychological and physiological benefit to individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Yoga poses can be done in sequence or by isolated practice. Each pose provides a different benefit within the body and the mind. Refuge Recovery humbly provides patients with daily opportunities to develop yoga as a therapeutic and personal recovery practice.

Vajrasana, “Sitting Mountain” Pose

Gently sitting back on the knees, this pose helps create a sense of calm and stillness. Rotating the shoulders back, sitting mountain pose also opens up the heart. By activating the heart chakra, emotions can be experienced more fully from a purified place. Sitting mountain pose can be used as a position for meditation or as a resting pose in an active vinyasa flow.

Balasana “Child’s Pose”

The recovering body is full of stored emotion, stress, anger, and fear. Much of that stagnant energy finds comfort in the spine and shoulders. Child’s pose helps to release the tension that often goes unnoticed in both the shoulders and parts of the lower spine. Resembling the fetal position, child’s pose is suppose to create feelings of safety, as if in the womb. Retreating to child’s pose offers an opportunity to rest.

Viparita Karani “Legs Up the Wall Pose”

Proven to reduce headaches and physiological symptoms of stress, laying down with legs up the wall is a beneficial practice inside and outside of dedicated yoga time. Encouraging blood flow, this pose helps the body regulate itself. Take this pose at any time during the day to regain circulation of mind, body, and spirit.

Savasana “Corpse Pose”

Corpse pose is a highly sought after pose at the end of a long yoga practice. Savasana is reserved for relaxation, a way for the body to be honored for its hard work. Mindfully focusing on relaxation supports the body in replenishing itself. All too often in recovery there is not enough dedicated time for relaxation. The body, mind, and spirit are in need of care and rest.

Refuge Recovery promotes the practice of yoga as part of an integrated approach to holistic healing in addiction recovery. We offer treatment programs to men and women looking to relieve their suffering in attachment to drugs and alcohol. For more information about our Buddhist based recovery program of treatment call 323-207-0276.

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