What is ‘Pink’?

What is ‘Pink’?


Heroin is a growing epidemic in America and many countries worldwide. Recently, synthetic heroin made headlines with the death of musician Prince. Since the worldwide recognition of synthetic opiates, increasing reports are surfacing about new kinds of drugs. Problematically, synthetic drugs are simultaneously hard to trace and hard to regulate. Due to the nature of their chemical make up, just one ingredient can change in a formula for synthetic opiate and create a whole different drug. Currently, synthetic opiates are not changing as frequently as synthetic methamphetamines. Unfortunately, they are changing often enough and being distributed in new ways so as to evade law enforcement’s watch. As a result, people are dying from overdose on these unforeseen drugs.

Such was the case with two young boys who were best friends in Park City, Utah. NBC reports the two thirteen year olds died within two days of one another from the same drug, being called “Pink”. The boys had ordered the drug through the internet. Social media platforms like Instagram have instituted certain regulation efforts in an effort to prevent drug trafficking. Controlling “hashtags” which are a search term, has helped a small amount. Social media platforms hold millions of profiles, which can be created with any email account. Creating both fake email accounts and fake social media profiles is easy for drug dealers to do. Blatantly posting pictures of products online with attractive sales pitches, drug deals are happening in plain sight on the internet. Drugs are purchased through online money systems and delivered through the government run US Mail. Yet they continue to be bought and sold, consequently continuing to take lives.

Problematically, buyers have no way of knowing what exactly it is they are getting. Pink is a new synthetic opiate so strong, the Park City police chief described to NBC, “you could go into cardiac arrest.” Synthetic opioids were developed to serve the needs of chronic pain patients who did not metabolize traditional opioid painkillers well. Fentanyl and carfentanil are two powerful synthetic opioids also claiming lives. Pink isn’t new, but it is a new version of a recently familiarized synthetic opioid. U-47700 is a synthetic opioid that was never supposed to be released because it was too strong and instantaneously fatal. Reportedly, manufacturing labs in China got hold of the formula for U-47700 and saw the cheap synthetic as a way to fill drug demands. Teens shopping for drugs online without the suspicion of their parents can buy a bag of Pink for as little as five dollars. Receiving the drug in an unsuspecting package, parents have little way of knowing what their child is doing.


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