We are in a war on addiction; right now, addiction is winning


Addiction is Winning

Globally, we are facing a state of emergency. Governments around the world find themselves in a crisis, desperately searching for a solution to an exponential addiction epidemic. Nobody is spared; addiction does not discriminate. From major continents to tiny islands, the devastating effects of drug abuse are echoing.

According to the World Health Organization, a minimum of 15.3 million people have drug use disorders. 148 out of roughly 196 countries report intravenous drug use- that is 75% of the world. Of those 148 countries, 120 find HIV to be prevalent. Alcohol accounts for 3.3 million deaths a year. The organization also states that across the globe, there are an estimated 185 million illicit drug users.

75% of the world’s countries have citizens, fellow human beings, who suffer from addiction to using intravenous drugs. That number is startling. Addiction is winning this war, for many reasons. First, the drug market is nearly impossible to keep up with. Major trade agreements between monster producers like China and Mexico, two very large countries, make weeding out the roots of drug trade hard to track. Drugs like heroin and other opiates are mass produced and quickly distributed. Other addictive drugs like synthetics have a rapidly changing recipe. In order to evade police, synthetic drug producers are constantly altering their formulas. What is in a synthetic drug, where it came from, and how it will effect someone abusing it is an ever changing mystery. Police states and hospitals find it difficult to keep up with knowing how to handle persons they find to be intoxicated.

Second, individual government entities as well as global operating leaders such as the UN are at a crossroads. Prohibition-style legislature is becoming a thing of the past as many countries cry for more harm reduction and prevention practices. Countries like portugal have seen great success with decriminalization. Harm reduction clinics throughout Europe have seen a rise in the number of people seeking treatment services. Even in America, states that have legalized marijuana have found significant improvement.

Lastly, addiction is winning the war because it is pervasive and misunderstood. It is easier for humans to judge, criticize, label, and dismiss. Time, effort, and humility are required to accept, detach, have empathy and compassion. It is our unfortunate social nature that we lack mindfulness for each other as human beings. Too quickly we denounce someone’s attempt to get well for sake of their misgiving of being ill- simply because it is addiction.

Refuge Recovery sees hope in tilting the scales. Our mindfulness and evidence based approach to recovery fosters true connectivity to the self and to others. For more information on how we are treating addiction, call (323) 207-0276 today.

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