The Pro’s of Being Impulsive

Being too impulsive can get a bad reputation. Impulsive people have their own unique set of character traits. Just because impulsivity becomes associated with someone’s addiction to drugs and alcohol does not mean their impulsivity should be discarded entirely upon getting sober. Learning to utilize impulsivity for a full life as opposed to an intoxicated one can be an incredibly spiritual experience.



It takes a certain level of confidence to act entirely on one’s own whim. Without a care to how others might react or how society might perceive you, an impulsive decision is authentic. Relying upon the callings of the spirit, intuitive feelings in the gut, or the desires of the heart, means there is a deep relationship of understanding within the self. People who are generally impulsive tend to be happier and more satisfied with who they are.



There’s nothing slow about impulsive decisions. They are usually quick, relatively well informed (or not) and happen without a single concern. Reckless is the word which might come to mind, but fast decision making and action implementation are real skills. Impulsivity may not always translate well. However, there is something to be said for taking risks.



Making an impulsive decision almost always follows up with a good story. Rather than sit and worry life away, impulsive people make decisions and stick to their guns. They go and worry second, instead of worry first and go later. Impulsive people tend to have a memory bank exploding with interesting stories.



A double edge sword presents itself in impulsivity. On the one hand, an impulsive decision might not always work out. In fact, an impulsive decision might turn out terribly wrong. Most impulsive people don’t see it that way. Even if the end result of an impulsive decision is not what was originally planned, impulsive people rarely regret their choices. There is an air of spirituality in living impulsively- a serenity to accept the things which can’t be changed; a courage to make the decisions; a wisdom to know the difference.



FOMO refers to the fear of missing out. What about FOF, the fear of failure? The smallest impulsive decisions come with fear of failure, judgment, and rejection. Impulsivity doesn’t come with extra time to ruminate in doubt, concern, and shame. Life is lived in the moment, the most present way it possibly can be.


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