The Future Of Meditation and Technology


It is no secret that meditation is important. So important, in fact, that digital technology investors and innovators have gone to great lengths to include mindfulness and meditation in their products. If not, that is, developing completely original products of their own. 2016 saw the introduction of wearable technology geared toward enhancing mindfulness and helping millions learn the priceless practice of meditation. For example, beloved technology company Apple announced that in its new operating software for the Apple Watch, a new app called Breathe will be included. Breathe is a daily reminder to stop— and breathe. The app will keep trackable data of how often one takes time to meditate, their heart rate before and after, and more.

As meditation and mindfulness have become scientific phenomena, the practices have found their way into being a “cure” or best practice for a number of ailments. Everything from physical health to mental health, is helped with a regular practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Technology, especially wearable technology, is advancing. In the not so distant future, we will have clothing that will tell us to adjust our posture, breathe deeper, or calm down. Until then, we have smart devices to interact with our phones, send information to our cloud, and somewhere in between, encourage, as well as enhance, our meditation practices.

Forbes magazine, a leader in writing about business, recently interviewed ten meditation experts to ask them about what was on the horizon in the frontier of meditation. Here is some of their insight.

  • Meditation will continue to inspire the technology and business world as more people reap the benefits of practicing it.
  • Meditation improves productivity by reducing stress, making it an attractive place to invest for businesses.
  • Prevention and wellbeing are going to be of equal focus as people realize that being stressed creates illness and illness is costly.
  • Lizzie Brown, co-founder of Yoga Wake Up predicts that “In 2017, meditation will be more accessible and rest will be less stigmatized.”
  • Meditation is becoming “mainstream” which is good for everyone. Investing in and developing meditation technology will make learning the practice more accessible for more people.
  • Meditation will eventually merge with developing virtual and augmented reality technology, which could place people in tranquil settings or sitting in front of the Dalai Lama himself.


Refuge Recovery incorporates the practices of mindfulness and meditation into the daily programming in all levels of our treatment. Close to the Against The Stream Buddhist meditation center, our residents learn how to create their own practice of meditation. Using spiritual practices in addition to scientifically based therapeutic methods creates a holistic program for total healing. For more information, call 323-207-0276.

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