Stress Now, Then Zen: Zenful Practices For Unwinding

Stress Now, Then Zen: Zenful Practices For Unwinding


Be inspired by these zen proverbs and their suggestions for finding a zen approach to unwinding at the end of a day.


“A flower dies even though we love it; a weed grows even though we don’t” -Zen Proverb


Greenery is rejuvenating. Studies have found that people who spend regular time in green spaces such as parks, gardens, or the great outdoors, have higher reports of: satisfaction in life, positive body image, reduced symptoms of depression, overall well being. Bring greenery into your life by creating a ritual of tending to plants. Taking care of a garden, a succulent, a table top plant, orchids, or an herb garden, will help you to unwind. Find the mystery in the miracle of life in other forms and appreciate the beauty of nature.


“When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten” -Zen Proverb


Your feet hardly forget the ill-fit of a long stressful day. Few things compare to coming home and kicking off your shoes to relax. Instead of toeing around for your favorite slippers or socks, let your feet be bare. Eastern medicinal practices believe the bottoms of the feet are like portals to the body. Just as you need breath, your feet need to breath. Beware of breathing in too much of your feet if you are prone to stinkiness!


“Stop and smell the roses”-Old Proverb


Aromatherapy is an ancient practice made easier today more than ever. Home and office aromatherapy diffusers are cheap and accessible. Essential oils can produce calming effects, stimulating effects, and ethereal effects. Put some lavender oil in a diffuser and breath in the calming scent. You can use essential oils topically, as well as put it in food. Herbal flowers like lavender and chamomile can be calming almost any way you use them.


“The obstacle is the path”-Zen Proverb


One of the only obstacles we are concerned with at the end of the day is what is stopping us from relaxing. Sometimes, being surrounded by clutter quite literally places objects and obstacles in our path. Research has shown that practicing zenful minimalism by way of decluttering and cleaning helps with relaxation. Feng shui your room or office space, purge your closet, or rearrange your desk. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed from focusing on something new.


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