Social Media is Hardly Social

Facebook has revolutionized the world. Marketing, communications, and social interactions have been completely changed to revolve around Facebook. Everyone has their own reason for being on, or not being on Facebook. Corporations big and small rely on Facebook marketing. In fact, a whole new career industry has been built around social media marketing. For years, the internet and social media has faced scrutiny and criticism from psychologists. The technology that was supposed to bring people together is pulling them apart. Younger generations who have not known a life without internet, or even dial-up, do not have the memory or skillset for living without constant internet connection. Studies reveal that the brain reacts to being “on” Facebook the same way it reacts to being high on cocaine. Within just a few years, social media has quite literally changed life.

Troublingly, what has gone from a past-time to a networking tool to a globally recognized trademark has become a means of escapism. Increasingly, research shows that people are disconnecting from people the more they are connecting to social media on the internet. Avoiding stress, societal pressures, or emotional discomfort, people turn to their life online. This phenomena is global.

Teens in Helsinki, for example, are perpetuating an endless cycle of burnout. Feeling stressed from school, they demonstrate abnormal amounts of internet use. Depressed from lack of social interaction and time loss, they feel further stressed in school. Internet, and social media, have become addictive. At an involuntary level, people are choosing intimate time with their smartphones or smart devices over intimate time with real people.

Internet Use Disorder, Problematic Internet Use, and Compulsive Internet Use are some of the technical terms being used to address internet addiction. Rehabilitation centers across the country are focusing on internet addiction. Just as those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism are in need of finding a way of life without these substances, internet addicts face a similar struggle. The world is becoming exponentially web-based. Almost everything requires an email, a Google account, or a Facebook login. It is no wonder people are losing their sense of identity and autonomy when routinely all that counts is an email and a password.

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