Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

Most of us have experienced the deep pain of feeling inadequate. We have suffered from our desire to feel differently than we do, convinced of our deficiency as a human being. Eventually, we learn to detach from the pain and accept ourselves as whole. For people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, there is hardly a relief from that pain. Unending fear, anxiety, and confusion about their worth, appearance, or validity as a person rules their life. Unfortunately, many act in ways that do not immediately evoke the feelings of sympathy which might occur if others knew what was truly going on within them. Borderline personality tends to manifest itself through rash behavior which seeks to unleash its frustration on all the world. Rather than ask for help, Borderline causes drama. Without treatment, evaluation, or learning techniques for emotional regulation, borderline personality disorder can be destructive. When someone with Borderline turns to drugs and alcohol as a method of coping, the results can be unbearable for themselves and those around them.

Nobody is undeserving of love and the opportunity to be healed. If you are concerned you or a loved one might be experiencing these symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in addition to substance abuse problems, please call Refuge Recovery today.

  • Abandonment

    • Real or perceived, someone with Borderline is in a constant and obsessive state of fear that they will be abandoned by someone they love. As a result, relationships are strenuous due to an unparalleled pressure to not cause any feelings of abandonment in someone with Borderline.
  • Emptiness

    • Depression is a common co-occurrence with Borderline. However, the emptiness that is symptomatic of depression often comes in waves. Borderline experiences a deep cavernous emptiness that they feel is inconsolable.
  • Impulsivity

    • From eating disorders to substance abuse, Borderline creates such instability in a person that they are prone to impulsive behaviors. Sporadic shopping sprees, reckless driving and promiscuity or other impulsive behaviors commonly associated with Borderline.
  • Suicidal Ideations/Actions

    • While someone suffering from Borderline is likely to truly experience suicidal ideations, they tend to use the act of suicide as a form of manipulation. In order to get others to act in a way that they feel proves loyalty (i.e. lack of abandonment) Borderline will go to the extremes and threaten-even take action on- suicide.
  • Mood Swings

    • Borderline creates a guessing game for those around them. One day to the next or one hour to the next, a Borderline’s moods are difficult to guess. There isn’t just sadness or anxiety to be had. Extremism causes Borderlines to feel their emotions in full effect.
  • Rage

    • At the drop of a dime, Borderlines can explode into unrelenting anger or rage. The stimulus can be as innocent as a butterfly, but the context will not matter. Once a Borderline opens up their pressurized cannister of anger, they cannot stop it until all of it has been released. Temper tantrums, verbal aggression, and emotional abuse are common in Borderline.

Learning to manage even the most extreme emotions is part of the learning process in recovery. Refuge Recovery offers a treatment program combining proven therapeutic methods with the healing lessons of Buddhist philosophy. Call us today for more information on how we can help you or a loved one recover. 323-207-0276.

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