Self-Compassion and Self-Care

Our minds can get to dark and negative places. Full of criticism and doubt, we find it a challenging to show ourselves the same compassion and care we show others. These phases can last for days. No matter what we do we cannot shake it off on our own. Show yourself self-compassion by participating in self-care, instead of taking up arms with the committee in your head. Self-compassion is recognizing your own struggle and pain without judgment. Rather than punish yourself for having a hard time, use these methods to love yourself a little deeper when you need it most.

Get body work done

Having difficulty showing our physical form tender love and compassion, we need some help to settle into our own bodies. Body work practices such as massage, acupuncture, kinesiology, or energy work can be helpful. Through someone else’s healing touch, we can enter a place of receptivity. By opening ourselves up to nurturing care from another, we can be inspired to find ways to show the same compassion toward ourselves.

Attend a meditation class

Solitary practice at home can be maddening when we are out of sync. Instead, try a local meditation class. The energy of the temple or spiritual center will be different from your normal meditation space. As you notice the people around you, consider what kind of day they might be having. Remember you are not alone on this journey of life.

Feng Shui your space

Moods can arise where not one single thing about your life feels like it is in place. Manifest that sentiment by moving some of your physical things around. Feng Shui your room or office to create an efficient and balanced flow. Clean out your closet and your drawers, mindfully releasing that which does not serve you any longer. Donate those items to a local Goodwill or thrift store.

Get Spiritually Silly

Exaltation is not meant to be a quiet practice. Elate in the moment and just let loose. Dance is incredibly healing. Put on your favorite jam and get moving. Make the goofiest moves you can and you will start laughing in no time.

Indulge your senses

A delicious meal, some new incense, a warm bubble bath lit with candles- indulging in our sensory selves can help get us out of our minds. Focus on what you are experiencing sensually and settle into those sensations.

Nap time

Sleep shouldn’t be used as a way of evading uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. It can, however, be a compassionate way of letting our bodies rest. Depressed can be read as deep-rest. Designate a 30 minute period to decompress and let yourself heal.

Healing mind, body and spirit, is the tenet of Refuge Recovery. Our hope is to inspire clients to live their best possible lives through the discovery of their authentic selves. For more information on our programs of treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders call (323) 207-0276

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