Recovery is a commitment to Growth

Many believe that the primary purpose of getting and staying sober is to be of service. By abstaining from the abusive use of addictive substances, you keep your mind, heart, and soul clear. Without an attachment to craving getting in the way, you can be open to receiving and open to giving. There is another side of the purpose of recovery, which is all about potential and possibility.


When we lock ourselves into a relationship with abusive substances, we limit our potential for personal and spiritual growth. We do so in three primary ways: physically, mentally and spiritually.  Physically, we damage our bodies. We weaken our immune systems, muscles, and internal organs. We can cause harm to our hearts and essential functions of the body. If we abuse drugs intravenously, we impair the flow of blood through our damaged veins, and can give ourselves infections. Mentally, we change the way our brain operates. Abusive substances rewire the basic programming of the brain. We create new habits that are hard to break as well as deep attachments to cravings and desire that are unrelenting. Spiritually, we deprive ourselves of connectivity and universality, isolating ourselves into the realm of our suffering. With all of these things combined, we manifest a reality that denies us the potential of growing into all the innumerable possibilities there are for our lives.


The drugs and alcohol we abuse are only part of the ways we deny our potential. In other areas of our lives, even in recovery, we make choices that leave us unhappy. We stay in jobs we do not like, relationships with partners who harm us, and lose sight of the things that bring us joy. Stuck in the constant cycle of suffering we begin to feel trapped.


One day, we decide to grow. Some might call this “hitting rock bottom”. The truth is, we become enlightened to the simple idea that something else is possible. Once we let in that small peek of light, our world soon becomes illuminated. We see all the ways we could be living, feeling, being, doing, and acting. Inside, on a mental and spiritual level, we decide it is time for change. Making that commitment to change is making a commitment to growth. We must grow from where we are now to reach where we want to be next.


Refuge Recovery is dedicated to supporting men and women seeking liberation from the bondages of suffering caused by their attachment to addiction. Our mission is to help our clients reach their utmost potential and live authentic lives. For more information on our programs of treatment, call (561) 563-8407

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