Questions About Crack

Crack is still a powerful drug that claims many lives each year. One of the most highly addictive drugs, overcoming crack addiction is difficult. It is possible. Here we answer some common questions about crack.

What is Crack?

Crack is refined cocaine. When cocaine gets boiled down through a certain process, it turns into crack. Crack can be 80% more potent than cocaine. Appearing as small crystal-like rocks, crack will appear white or yellow in color. Crack is nicknamed crack rock, rocks, and base.

How is crack used?

Crack is most commonly used via inhalation or intravenously. Smoking crack creates an immediate and powerful effect. The drug is absorbed through the lungs, putting it into the bloodstream faster, thus reaching the brain more quickly. Intravenous use of crack is extremely dangerous and posts great health risks when needles aren’t used in a hygienic manner.

What are the short term effects of crack?

The actual ‘high’ of crack only lasts about fifteen minutes. In the short term, crack can cause blistered lips and tooth decay. Crack causes a strong sense of euphoria, but can cause adverse psychological reactions as well. Paranoia, anxiety, and psychosis can happen after even short term crack use. Crack can cause heart irregularity, severe coughing, and seizure or convulsion.

How addictive is crack?

Crack is extremely addictive. A potent version of cocaine, when crack is ingested in a way that creates effects immediately, it produces a power surge of dopamine. Dopamine communicates pleasure to the reward center of the brain. When those circuits light up and create a ‘high’ they leave the brain wanting more. Tolerance and dependency build faster with crack then they do with most other drugs.

Can crack kill you?

Crack is renown for being a one-dose death drug. Crack can, and has, caused overdose in death in one hit- be it the first and the hundredth.

Why do people get addicted to crack?

People get addicted to crack because of its high potency, availability, and cheap cost. Because crack only lasts in people’s bloodstreams for about fifteen minutes, the cravings become intense in a short period of time. Satisfying those cravings at such a high frequency interval rapidly develops dependency and addiction.

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