Overview of Program

Refuge Recovery is a mindfulness-based addiction treatment program that utilizes Buddhist philosophy as the cornerstone of the curriculum. Our program guides those who struggle with addiction, trauma and co-occurring disorders to experience a practical perspective on the recovery process.

Our program provides a practice-based framework grounded in Buddhist ethics and psychology. We combine Buddhist meditation practices with evidenced-based psychotherapy models giving individuals a full range of therapeutic skills that empower and promote long-term recovery. We provide research based programming such as: Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention, EMDR therapy, Somatic Experience, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Yoga, Motivational Interviewing, and mindfulness-based living skills.

Our program features trauma-informed care anchored by our cutting edge approach of training the entire clinical staff in EMDR therapy. This enables us to view and provide addiction treatment through an evidence-based lens. Trauma and PTSD-resolution groups guided by ourĀ mindfulness-based EMDR trained clinicians provide a safe environment for people to learn to self-regulate and process the suffering caused by their addiction and trauma.

Our treatment program provides an integrative approach that incorporates mind, body, family, and spirituality. We acknowledge that those struggling with substance abuse greatly benefit when they are able to understand the suffering that addiction has created while developing compassion for the pain they have experienced.

Individualized treatment plans include one-on-one sessions with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and personal case manager to establish a continuity of care for optimum recovery. We empower clients to develop the necessary motivation, willingness, and courage to heal addiction with integrity and create the meaningful lives they desire.