Partial Hospitalization Programs

Addiction treatment programs at Refuge Recovery Centers take place in a real world environment. We guide our clients to integrate, explore and cultivate a mindfulness-based lifestyle that empowers their lives and personal development. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) grounds each individual in an integrative approach to treatment that supports self regulation, compassion, self awareness with a community focus. We’ve created an environment to promote restoration and balance between body, mind, and emotion.

Program Structure

Our PHP program offers 25 hours of group and individual therapy each week (Monday-Friday). We provide practice-based programs to address and identify the underlying causes of addiction, trauma, mood disorders, and other co-occurring conditions. We utilize innovative mindfulness and evidence-based practices to create a personalized plan of recovery for each client. The ethical and structured environment at Refuge Recovery Centers provides a supportive and safe space where clients can begin or continue the process of recovery in a real-world, integrated urban setting.

During their time at Refuge Recovery our PHP clients may choose to live at home or in-residence at one of our supportive living homes. This integrated approach to treatment allows clients the opportunity to practice real life skills in a structured clinical setting. Living in a supportive environment that is consistent with a high level of clinical care provides the basis for long term recovery. We believe strongly in the power of peer support and community as integral parts of the recovery process and our in-residence options provide an environment to practice the skills and insights gained in treatment.

Program Components Include:

We have a diverse clinical team including licensed and master’s level therapists and empowered Buddhist meditation teachers.

Our team has specialized training in: mindfulness and compassion meditation, Buddhist psychology, attachment theory, trauma informed interventions, body-centered psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), CBT interventions, and EMDR.

We provide medical and psychiatric support services, including psychiatric evaluation and medication management. Clients have full access to Against the Stream meditation society classes, day-longs and programs. Our ethical and mindful living environments mirror real world living by providing an emotionally supportive experience. Clients are empowered to build and/or rebuild healthy patterns and lifestyles.