Who We Are:

Refuge Recovery Centers is the premiere Buddhist informed addiction treatment center in the United States. Located in Los Angeles, California, we utilize a unique blend of Buddhist philosophy and empirically supported psychotherapeutic methods to address the  root causes of addiction. As clients  move through our program they gain clarity and learn to take refuge in transformational practices, supportive community, and their own potential.

Why Refuge:

As humans attempt  to escape their suffering, they find themselves seeking refuge in people, places or activities that may temporarily satiate a craving, but ultimately are destructive. According to the historical Buddha, true respite from suffering comes from taking refuge in practice (dharma), community (sangha) and insight into the nature of the self (Buddha). Through these “three jewels of refuge” we are able to break free from the cycle of addiction and repetitive craving. It is from this concept that we derive our name, Refuge Recovery, and our belief that all beings can find true refuge from addiction.

“All beings have the power and potential to free themselves from the suffering caused by addiction.”

-Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery

About our Founder:

The treatment approach and philosophy utilized at Refuge Recovery Centers was developed by Buddhist teacher, Noah Levine, MA. Through the process of his own recovery and working with others facing addiction, Noah has developed a treatment program that highlights the usefulness of meditation and Buddhist practice. This program, outlined in his book Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction, serves as the philosophical backbone and the treatment structure at Refuge Recovery Centers.