Mindfulness: There’s an App for that

Watching the hybrid of mindfulness, meditation, and technology unfold is a curious experience in the digital age. Even Refuge Recovery has a podcast. Noah’s books can be bought and listened to online. Dharma Punx streams talks and meditations from our meditation center onto it’s own podcast as well. Meditation practice no longer requires trips to monasteries or monks to develop. Popular apps like Calm, Pacifica, and Headspace are offering people the chance to develop meditation and mindfulness skills from the comfort of wherever their lives take them and their smart devices.

Apple released the apple watch recently, a first in the development of wearable technology. With built in sensors to track heart rate and other health measurements, apple watch became a comprehensive tool for measurement based health. Heart rate is a standard for measuring our position in health. Meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to reduce heart rates and stress.

The app store platform gives developers all over the world the opportunity to create apps that are useful to many people, which is why we have the amazing apps that we do. When Apple itself creates an Apple-product standard app, it’s usually a big deal. “Breathe” is the latest edition to the apple watch and will be available in the fall.

Breathe allows you to set up daily reminders to stop and focus on the breath. Sessions can last between one to five minutes. When prompted, two options appear: start now or snooze. Hopefully, the habit will be not to stressfully hit snooze and avoid taking time to breathe. As some wise sayings go it is likely that if you are too busy to organize, you need to get organized; thereby saying if you’re too busy to stop and focus on your breath, that’s probably what you need to do the most.

After a breathing session, the app provides a summary of the session, including a record of the heart rate. Now, what has been left to internet articles and scientific journals is going to be real time data right on top of people’s skin. All around the world, wearable technology lovers are going to witness for themselves the transformational power of breath.


Refuge Recovery merges measurement based and evidence based treatment methods with the practices of meditation and mindfulness to create a spiritually centered comprehensive program. We offer treatment for drug and alcohol addictions at all levels from detox to transitional living, for both men and women. For more information, call our Los Angeles office at (323) 207-0276

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