Mindfulness for Career-Based Success

Practicing mindfulness isn’t just good for your mental health, recovery, physical health, and spirituality. Mindfulness can be an excellent tool for developing a successful and fulfilling career. Should spiritual practice and work be combined? One of the gifts of recovery is being able to apply ourselves. We apply ourselves when we get a job and have to perform specific job duties. We apply ourselves in our recovery processes. Bringing mindfulness based practices into the way we do our job duties is a synthesis of application.

Here are reasons why mindfulness can launch your career.

You’re ahead of the game in handling stress

Modern day careers have higher and higher demands of what patients of expected to do. Outside of the workforce, people are facing a tough economy full of high prices. Mindfulness won’t necessarily help you make more money with ease, but it is going to keep you alive longer.

You have sharpened focus

Mindfulness is a practice of being encouraged to focus. Rather than be distracted with the noisy chaos of our minds, mindfulness helps  us be present. Staying present and completing the task at hand is enough of a good work ethic. Mindfulness increases focus, energy, and awareness. Focus contributes to high productivity and quality work.

You are more creative

Opening your mind and body to deeper attention within the senses can reveal a whole new world. Additionally, when we practice mindful meditation, we learn to acknowledge our thoughts, good and bad.

You are more more emotionally intelligent

Networking, building rapport with clients, and forming healthy work relationships are all important parts of a career. Behavioral management is strongly linked to an enhanced emotional intelligence. Having a role model is one way to learn.

Refuge Recovery teaches the art of meditation and mindfulness to its clients in the hope of inspiring a fully lived life of authenticity. Our hope is to encourage clients with the tools they need for living with motivation and willingness. From detox to sober living, Refuge Recovery offers a holistic treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. For more information on our programs of treatment call (323) 207-0276

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