Mindfulness and Performance

Living in the now has become more than a practice of mindfulness- it is a lifestyle revolution. Science and academics are swarming the topic of mindfulness like bees to honey. They have found something sweet in one of the oldest practices on earth. Becoming, being, and staying present has a tremendous beneficial effect on just about everything in life. Internal health, external health and overall wellbeing is enhanced by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness also helps improve performance and productivity.

Goldfish have longer attention spans than humans. According to research, the average human attention span is eight seconds. Attention may run short, but at least the human lifespan still outlasts the goldfish. Life as a human is full of distraction and stress, these days. Staying present is a challenging task. It is also a taxing one. Studies reveal that humans are distracted almost half the time they are trying to pay attention and that lack of concentration has serious consequences. Happiness is generally impacted when there is an inefficient lack of productivity.

Mindfulness increases performance and productivity across the board, not just when it comes to focus and work. Health, relationships, focus, and brain power are strengthened by mindfulness based practices. Think of mindfulness as a routine tune-up. A car runs better when it is carefully maintained. Keeping the gears grinding keeps the car running. Mindfulness is like mental oil. It helps us run and keep our motors going. If we don’t take the time to empty out all the excess and backed up junk in our minds, it clogs our system. Cars don’t run well on burned oil. Our minds don’t run well on being burned out. Taking a few minutes time to simply focus on the breath can make the difference between operating like a clunker or a fine luxury vehicle. All you have to do is focus long enough to practice.

Make practicing mindfulness part of your performance routines. Like a cup of coffee in the morning, start to regard mindfulness as a necessary part of your day. Within a short amount of time you will find that you are operating at higher and higher levels.


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