Mantras For Body Positivity

Mantras For Body Positivity

My Body Is Made For Function, Not Form

Our bodies hold specific and ancient purpose. They were meant for running, hunting, gathering, reproducing, keeping babies warm and safe. Our bodies are made to wander, adventure, explore, and achieve. If bodies were made to simply be looked at or posted about on social media platforms, they might not be so functional. However, our bodies are made for function not for form. Hundreds of years of anthropological evolution has made each new body incredibly unique in how it functions and what purpose its function serves. Every body is wonderfully and differently made. Comparing the way one body looks to another body will always end in suffering. As well, comparing the function of one body to another will end in suffering because comparison is a thief of joy as Theodore Roosevelt famously stated. However, noticing how differently each body functions and the way each body looks as a result of function, is a way to enrich connectivity.

I Embrace My Body Non-Judgmentally. I Do Not Judge My Body.

Most of our evaluations of our physical selves have been handed to us. Be it by the hands of society, culture, mainstream media, social media platform profiles, or even our parents, we’ve been told how to feel about our bodies. When we are born we are not asked how we would like to feel about ourselves. Indeed we would hardly be aware of the meaning behind “good” or “bad”. Our judgments about our size, shape, and appearance come from external sources. The internal well of goodness does not judge.

I Am In Radical Acceptance Of My Body

Radical acceptance is a way to accept the immediate reality as it is instead of fighting to make reality fit your desires. Your body right now is the way that it is until it changes. You might want it to change. Maybe it is capable of changing. In this exact moment, right here and now your body is the way that it is. Take hold of the present moment by not continuing to spend it on wishing reality was something other than what it is. If you are completely dedicated to making changes, start setting positive and healthy intentions toward proactive behaviors.

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