Managing Mindfulness in Social Media

The statistics on the state of social media today are startling. Out of the approximated 7 billion people on earth, there are about 2 billion people actively using social media. That is just shy of 30% or one third of the world’s population. Almost half of the world’s people use the internet outside of social media. In the United States, adults spend 1 hour and 16 minutes a day watching videos on their devices. Between Facebook and Snapchat, 14 billion videos are watched every day. These numbers are for everyday people. 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels for marketing. An average of 4,000-5,000 marketing messages or advertisements are consumed every single day.

Recovery is about manageability. Without regulation, social media messaging can become overwhelming or even lead to social media addiction. Especially in early recovery, the mind is vulnerable to informative stimulus. Tenderness, practice, and compassion are important tools for staying engaged without becoming consumed.

Be empowered by your ability to choose

Find the social media channels, new sources, bloggers, and reporters who communicate in ways that work for you. Try limiting the dramatic, hyperbole verbiage and opt for humanistic, straightforward information. Most news is fear-based. In recovery, fear is no longer sitting in the driving seat. Curate your newsfeeds to follow only the publications you choose, and pay attention to the topics that interest you. Allow yourself to lovingly detach from traumatic news while continuing to care compassionately for the world’s sufferings. Through the practice of recovery and abstinence from drugs and alcohol, you’re demonstrating your personal empowerment of choice. This principle can be applied in all areas of your life.

Detach and Disconnect

Like dedicating time to meetings, therapies, and meditation, create time without devices and media. Designate hours of each day to be communication device free: no emails, messages, news, videos, or anything. Even the positive things you have filled your sources with should be abstained from for periods of time. If your job demands connectivity, spend some hours being productive without continuous notifications. You can manage notifications through your different settings to decide how, when, and what for you want to be notified.

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