Finding Strength In Treatment

You are stronger and more capable than you know. If you are considering treatment for a drug or alcohol issue, know that recovery is possible, even for you.

Your Beliefs

Buddhism is a belief, a faith, a practice, and what some might call a religion. The core tenets of Buddhism are not universal, however, many of the philosophies are. Recovery gives us a gift in being able to find our own belief system. Any kind of “higher power” is not necessarily required. However, some scope of belief is. A belief is accepting that something is true. To get into treatment you had to believe in two things. First, that it is true you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, and other emotional issues. Second, that there is help and recovery is possible. In one of your weakest moments, your belief(s) gave you strength.

Your Ability to Overcome

All of life is suffering, the Buddha taught, but there is a way out of suffering. Inherently, the Buddha teaches us, we have the ability to overcome all of life’s obstacles. In Buddhism we overcome suffering by practicing the four noble truths and following the eightfold path. In recovery, you overcome everyday through the simple act of not using substances. Each day you abstain from substance abuse, you demonstrate a remarkable ability to overcome.

You Feel Pain

We mistake pain and suffering for weakness. Many people who have gone through recovery or treatment for recovery can speak on the importance of breaking, feeling broken, or falling apart. Tears water the face and make room for smiles. Allowing pain to pass is part of the Buddhist practice of equanimity and non-attachment. Without judgment we recognize that pain happens, and we can sustain our compassion when it does.

You Are Doing Something Completely New

Most people are in treatment for the first time. Even if it is your second or third time in treatment, there’s a chance something is different this time. After periods of time using, getting sober for the first time or again is a new experience. Each time, you’re learning and doing something new.


Refuge Recovery offers a Buddhist based treatment program using spiritual philosophy for healing and growing. Our multiphase program carries clients from detox through transitional living, providing an opportunity to participate in a continuum of care. Call or text us today for more information 323-207-0276.

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