Feeling Homesick In Treatment Is Normal

Feeling Homesick In Treatment Is Normal


In order to truly recover, sometimes we have to take the bold and daring step to separate ourselves from our environments entirely. We traveled across county lines, state lines, and even international border crossings to find the refuge we need to recover. Home environments hold a lot of attachment to memory, nostalgia, trauma, and pain. When we are in treatment for long periods of time, we are prone to experiencing the sensation of being homesick. Despite our attachment to addiction, for many people, our homes were loving and supportive. For others, home might have been an epicenter for abuse. If it wasn’t our home, it might have been our friends, our dealers, or the abusive partners we continued to stay with. It could be our beloved friends, our adoring relationships, or our pets.

The deep attachment to wanting to feel something other than what we are feeling or be somewhere other than where we are is unsettling. This sort of desire leads to cravings. As we know from learning to understand the nature and science of addiction, craving is a physical and psychological phenomenon. Homesickness is a craving. Psychologically, homesickness can cause feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and a feeling of being out of control. Physically, homesickness can cause sleep disruption, resulting in fatigue, and even affect appetite.

Coping with feeling homesick while in treatment is important. Unless we address the problem directly, it might grow and inspire us to take ill-advised action like exiting our treatment program.

Apply your growing mindfulness practice to homesickness through these activities:


Remain Nonjudgmental About Feeling Homesick


Feeling homesick is normal, no matter the home. Instead of jumping to judgment and self-criticism to tell yourself you shouldn’t feel homesick, simply accept that you do.


Mindfully Notice What Might Be Coming Up


It is possible that treatment has been especially challenging in recent days or there is an issue coming up for you which you are unwilling to look at. Avoiding will always lead to a desire to feel differently, thus resulting in craving. See if you can notice an underlying drive for being homesick and compassionately embrace it.


Take A Look Around


Yes, you are in treatment. You are in treatment. At the moment, being back out there with drugs and alcohol might sound preferable. You have made a momentous decision to work toward saving your life. Nobody said it was going to be easy. You are doing it in a loving and self-compassionate way. Find gratitude for what your life has brought you today.




Community is a critical part of recovery. Refuge Recovery emphasizes the practice of growing and engaging in community. Around you are other men and women on a similar path as you. Reach out to them. Likely, at least one other person is experiencing homesickness as well.


Refuge Recovery Centers warmly offers a Buddhist based path of recovery to men and women seeking spiritual transformation in their lives. Combining proven treatment methods with Buddhist philosophy, Refuge provides a unique approach to addiction treatment. From detox to transitional living, Refuge is able to treat clients at any stage of their recovery needs. For more information, call or text 323-207-0276.

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