Dabs Can Be Dangerous

Dabs are a homemade experiment created by condensing cannabis. One small “dab” has four times the potency of marijuana in an average sized “joint”. Butane Hash Oil is the technical term for dabs, which is essentially extracted THC. Users take pieces of marijuana and hit them with high powered shots of butane while they are in a metal pipe. Dabs are the resulting pieces of waxy substance which contain high potencies of THC. The hardened substance is then smoked, producing a high so strong it reminds people of their first time.

Butane is a gaseous material which can be used to create petroleum as it is blended with propane. Most commonly, butane is used in a butane torch or small camping stoves. Butane torches are used in cooking (think the brulee in creme brulee). Using butane to condense cannabis and THC is less culinary and more cautionary. If inhaled in large amounts, Butane can cause dizziness, memory loss, heartbeat irregularities and asphyxiation. In extreme cases, inhaling butane can result in death.

Cannabis is usually a win-over with its argument that there is no risk of overdose. Dabs eliminate that argument. Condensed THC is remarkably strong. “Edible” versions of marijuana, like brownies and  cookies, often come with the prescription to consume just a quarter of the treat. Consuming too much could result in a “freakout” among other physiological symptoms. Inhaling the smoke from dabs is three to ten times the potency of regular herbal marijuana. The high from dabs can also cause someone to pass out. Additionally, the threat of losing consciousness due to the inhalation of butane is equally threatening. Passing out or losing consciousness without the presence or assistance of another person could lead to long term brain damage.

Other Harms from Dabs

  • Hazardous Chemicals can come from the metal or surface of whatever the marijuana has been placed on to burn. Effects of other chemicals may not be immediate but will prove to be problematic in the long run.
  • THC Tolerance is debated in regular smokers of marijuana. Dabs delivers such a powerful and intensified high, it is believed to create tolerance for the effect of regular marijuana.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms are the result when tolerance is met with using higher doses of dabs to get the same effect as previous uses. As well, using regular marijuana might not result in a high at all after use of dabs.
  • Adverse Chemical Reactions can occur from the use of butane to create dabs. Explosions associated with drugs are usually left to methamphetamine labs.

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