Creating Serenity In Every Space

Mindfulness teaches us how to access serenity of thought and awareness no matter where we are. We can translate that practice into the spaces around us. What is within is reflected outside when we create serenity, calm, and balance in our physical home life; as well as our spiritual home life within ourselves.

Serenity For Study

The work is never done. Whether we are studying for school, reading up on meditation, or completing assignments given to use in treatment, we are always in some kind of work. Life is an endless course of lessons that we have an opportunity to pause, take the time, and learn. Even without a desk, the world is our place to study. Create an environment of study by dedicating that space to learning. For desks, make the personality your own with decorations and colors which inspire you. Minimalism is the best for enhanced focus and productivity. If working elsewhere, make your study spot comfortable where you feel most settled in to learn.

Calm In The Kitchen

Food is an essential part of our lives as human beings. For many, the kitchen is a daunting place. This sentiment prevents them from nurturing their ability to cook and feed themselves as well as enjoy the gift of cooking with or feeding others. A serene kitchen should include a lot of light, music in the air, and the smell of fresh herbs. Learning to tend to a plant is a tremendous experience in recovery, especially when they are delicious and can be enjoyed by eating. It is important to keep cleaning areas clean and organized, which is a reflection for maintaining serenity. Of course, kitchens are meant to be made messy, as is life.

Balance In The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your ultimate retreat. Some people practically live off of their beds while others only retreat to their bedroom to rest. Either way, the bedroom should be a space of balance, serenity, and tranquility. Elements of your personality and what makes you feel comfortable should be present. Bedrooms are part function and part relaxation. Pick colors, patterns, and decorations that express your favorite self, the kind you like to come home to.


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