Clinical Dharma Series with Dr. Stephen Dansiger

Dr. SteveAs Clinical Director at Refuge Recovery Centers, I have the great fortune to be able to utilize all the aspects of my training and experience over the last 27 years to do my best to provide care for people struggling with addiction. It is a completely unique opportunity, one that I would not be able to find anywhere else. My commitment to Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, EMDR therapy, trauma-informed care and the power of creativity are all honored here. One of my opportunities has been to roll out Clinical Dharma as an adjunctive program for clinicians and other helpers in the community.
Often in the recovery community and in other healing communities one is instructed to “put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others in the cabin.” Clinical Dharma is a series of workshops and retreats designed to assist those in the helping professions to take care of others while also taking care of themselves. Through retreat practice pointed at the issues and concerns of professional helpers, as well as workshops and classes that help helpers understand the usefulness and power of Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Path, participants grow in understanding about the importance of self-care; get real life skills related to that self care; grow in understanding of the teachings of the Buddha and how they relate to providing care for others; and become able to translate their retreat experiences and workshop lessons into an improved ability to facilitate healing, and develop a practice and way of life that feeds and informs their own personal path.
Soon to follow (publishing date is September 2016) will be the book, Clinical Dharma, where I go through all 4 Noble Truths and the Factors of the 8 Fold Path to make them hopefully more accessible to the helper. Since so many of us are driven to the helping professions by our own loving kindness and compassion, what better way to bring structure, meaning and a path for us than the path laid out by the Buddha, the path designed to teach “suffering and the end of suffering.” A complimentary Sample Chapter is available to those who sign up for my newsletter at
The 12 sessions in the Clinical Dharma series are each 1.5 hours long and consist of meditation, lecture and discussion. The first four sessions cover the 4 Noble Truths, and the last eight sessions address the 8 Fold Path.  The classes are meant to build upon each other, however, like the path itself, one can address any of the elements of these classes out of order as well and still get the benefit.
Online classes are scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2016.  You can keep track of the upcoming dates on my calendar and social media, as well as on Refuge Recovery Centers social media.
These retreats and workshops are geared to professional healers of all kinds, while they also will apply to those who are helping and healing others without it being their vocation.
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