Are Your Drinking Friends Actually Alcoholics?

Recovered alcoholics tell a common tale about their drinking friends. Mostly, once they get sober, their drinking friends are suddenly no longer friendly. Alcohol is a great bonding activity for human beings. Lowering inhibitions, judgments, and anxiety are effects of alcohol that allow people to open up to one another and connect in seemingly authentic ways. However, take away that common bond, the bond of alcohol, and the relationships lose their authenticity. Attaching to the illusion of alcohol creates a type of craving in the mind when it comes to the desire to fit in and be acknowledged by others in a certain regard.

Surface level relationships based on the consumption of alcohol are not often spiritually based. Surely, many a drinker has engaged in philosophical debate or talk. Intoxication often leads to more intoxication. Before true connection can occur, one is past the point of inebriation. When high drunken drama ensues, there is an unfortunate loss of care for one another in alcohol-fused friendships. Problematically, if one out of many of such friends are suffering from the onset of alcoholism, all their drunk friends would hardly notice.

Taking note of the signs of alcoholism early on is the most effective way to prevent an alcohol related death and the development of worsening alcoholism. There is a catch. One has to be courageous enough to speak up to their drinking friend and lovingly confront their drinking problem.

There is no more joy

Problematic drinking is when the euphoric sensations have been outweighed by the depressant ones. Friends might report not wanting to drink and not enjoying drinking. Yet, they continue to drink and when they do, they are in misery.

They are deeply attached to their cravings for alcohol

Obsession is the odd characteristic that defines alcoholism. Noticeably, their lives revolve around alcohol or alcohol related events. In a worst case, they no longer have a social life but prioritize their life around drinking.

They drink to the point of blackout

Blackout is a loss of consciousness resulting from drinking too much alcohol. During a blackout, one can make grave, even fatal mistakes. Driving while blacked out can lead to accidents and death. They might report more often than not failing to remember what happened when they drank the night before.

They are not hygienic any more

After a first few times drinking together, it may be in jest to go days without showering due to alcoholic hangover. When days turn into longer amounts of time, there is an undeniable stench of alcohol, sweat, and toxins. Alcohol can emit from the pores.

You do not have to continue suffering as a result of your addiction to harmful substances in your life. Healing and recovery are possible. If you are ready to seek recovery in your life, call Refuge Recovery today. We are here to support you in learning a new way to be. For more information on our programs of treatment call 323-207-0276.

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