Are You Suffering From Alcoholism


Denial can be a powerful spiritual blockade. Years are spent in worsening alcoholism due to a few unhealthy attachments as the result of denial. Evaluations and judgments such as “I’m not that bad” or “It could be worse” or “I still have my life together” are dangerous. Functioning alcoholism is a fallacy. Dysfunctional alcoholism will always seem functional compared to death. Consequently, many push their alcoholism further, taking their health, sanity, wellness, and relationships with them.

Ignorance can also be a large part of denial. Alcoholism is so highly stigmatized that most people don’t know how normal true alcoholism is. Unfortunately, a lack of accurate information regarding signs and symptoms keeps many in the dark and the drink.

Those in recovery often quip that if you are asking yourself if you might be an alcoholic, chances are, you might be an alcoholic. Meaning, that by the time we start questioning the legitimacy of our drinking behaviors they have typically gotten to an irreparable point. Here are some signs to help you confirm your suspicions and concerns about yourself or a loved one.

You’ve Said This To Yourself: I Should Probably Cut Back My Drinking

  • You noticed that you are unable to have just one drink, even with the best intentions
  • You have difficulty setting limits or obeying the ones you set about drinking
  • You tend to cause a lot of drama when you drink
  • Your work life, school life, family, life, and relationship life is suffering

You Get Defensive When Someone Else Says You Should Probably Cut Back Your Drinking


  • Your relationships with family members are strained because of your drinking
  • Friends and family have stopped inviting you out because of your drinking
  • You can’t stand the thought of stopping drinking; worse, you’re not sure you can
  • You go out of your way to hide your drinking, drink alone, or drink with other people, because you don’t want to hear about it

You Have Drinker’s Remorse


  • You cannot figure out what is wrong with you or why you can’t control your drinking
  • You experience guilt and shame every time you think about picking up a drink
  • You know you should stop or cut back, but you don’t, or you can’t


Alcoholism is a fatal disease of the mind, body, and spirit. There is no shame in admitting you need help and then seeking it. Refuge Recovery offers supervised medical detox, residential inpatient, and other levels of care to help you reclaim your life, inside and out. Call or text us today for more information,  323-207-0276.

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