Are You Drinking Too Much? 4 Signs

Alcohol abuse does not necessarily make itself blatantly evident. For some, the development of alcohol abuse is subtle. Here are 4 signs of alcohol abuse you may be gaining awareness of in your life.

  • You’ve actually thought “I should evaluate my drinking”

Thousands of people avoid taking an honest look at their drinking behaviors because it doesn’t match their ideas of what an alcoholic, or alcohol abuse, looks like. Since it isn’t “that bad”, it couldn’t be bad at all. Yet, morning after morning the thought creeps in. “Maybe I have a problem with drinking.” Starting to think about our drinking being problematic is a sign of awakening and awareness. You’ve noticed that something does not feel quite right, and it cannot be ignored.

  • You’re getting sick and tired of being sick and tired

Whether you’re a heavy drinker or a nighttime drinker, alcohol effects the primary functions of the body. A consistent surplus of alcohol can compromise the immune system. Alcohol also impairs the way we sleep, leaving us tired the next day. A regular party-goer will experience sleep deprivation and hangover. You’re noticing that you feel sick or tired, all the time. You might be noticing that you’re needing more alcohol in order to feel intoxicated. Drinking more, more often, is going to contribute to general feelings of lethargy and exhaustion.

  • You’re drinking on days ending with “y”

Everyday ends in “y”. You might have had only certain days designated for drinking. Now, those days are blending together. Even if you only have one drink on one day, you find that you’re consuming alcohol almost every day. You might feel unsure if you could go a day without it.

  • Your answer to everything is a drink

Celebrating a promotion? You have a drink. Mourning the promotion you didn’t get? You have a drink. Positive, neutral, or negative, every occasion calls for a cocktail. You’re also turning to a drink as medication. A hard day at work, a difficult conversation with a friend…your immediate thought in response to stress is to have a drink. You’re noticing that you are running out of other options to self-soothe.

Finding balance between life and substance use is challenging. If you are ready to live your best life possible without drugs or alcohol, call Refuge Recovery today. Our programs inspire clients to become their best selves and live authentic lives free from substances. For more information call (323) 207-0276

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