5 Ways To Stay In Love With Meditation



Meditation is a core part of the program at Refuge Recovery. We are fortunate to find sangha with the Against The Stream Buddhist meditation center in Los Angeles. Falling in love with meditation is a lifelong gift, as well as a lifelong discipline.

  1. Don’t give up. People like instant gratification. Meditation is rarely instantly gratifying. Sitting down for a meditation practice is often intimidating. Yet, after a few minutes, or a few days, we are grateful for our practice. Meditation is a practice. It takes time to develop a steady meditation practice. Without practicing, its hard to practice!
  2. Find like minded meditators. Group meditation can be powerful and supportive. Not everyone is lucky enough to live near a meditation center. Where there is not a spiritual community which is thriving there are still likely to be spiritual individuals. Finding people who like meditate is a way to make up a group for meditation. Better yet, find people who know nothing about meditation and explore the practice together.
  3. Create meditation in new ways. Meditation is not only meant for zen practice. Not all meditation requires sitting quietly in contemplation. In fact, meditation can be active. Many things can serve as meditation- anything that puts you touch with yourself, focused, and in a place of non-judgment.
  4. Follow a routine. Many meditation practitioners suggest meditating in the same spot at the same time each day. Life is forever changing. Meditation, though reflection will vary, is a constant as a practice in our lives. We can count on meditation when we cannot count on anything else.  
  5. Set a time goal. Meditation practices can two minutes. Meditation practices can be two hours. In the beginning, it might be challenging to sit and meditate for an extended period of time. The point is to dedicate a certain amount of time per day, and a certain amount of days at a time. For example, set a goal to meditate for five minutes a day for five days. Don’t set the expectations too high. You want to impress yourself, not disappoint yourself.

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist based treatment center in Los Angeles, California. We offer a spiritual approach to recovery while also using evidence based and progressive treatment methods. Our programs of recovery are open to men and women suffering from addiction, alcoholism, and emotional pain. Call or text us today for more information: 323-207-0276.

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