10 Ways To Reboot Your Spiritual Path During The Holidays

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  • Practicing Positivity. The holidays are hard for many people, causing them to act in unskillful ways. Taken over by trauma, depression, grief, or anger, people can act particularly odd during this time of year. Be the beacon of hope by practicing positivity. Each day, take notice of the positive things around you and offer a positive insight to those in need. You’ll feel revived and thankful for the perspective change.
  • Give The Gift Of Giving. Holidays are about giving. For those following the Buddhist path, giving is universal and doesn’t require a season. It can be easy to get caught up in focusing on the self or immediate family. Remember that during the cold months of winter there are many in need. Buy blankets, jackets, and warm socks to donate to homeless shelters. Participate in a canned food drive or serve meals. However you can give back to those less fortunate, take the chance to do so. You’ll find your sense of gratitude renewed, putting you in a better spiritual place.
  • World Peace, World Kindness. World peace is always a wish and hope during the holiday season. Peacefulness starts with kindness. Be kind in all of your actions during the holiday winter season, reminding yourself and everyone around you the true meaning of the celebrations.
  • Meditation. Meditation is a practice to help keep you grounded, stress reduced, and focused on the positive. If your meditation practice has been slacking, pick up something new. Try a meditation app, going to a meditation class, or learning more about different kinds of meditation. Once you’re back in the flow of practice, you’ll feel more spiritually open.
  • Make Your List, Check It Twice. Cold days and nights are great times for reflection. When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Take time to make lists, for everything. Your goals, your dreams, your gratitudes, your resentments. Identify your needs which might have gone unmet throughout the year and plan ways to work on them.
  • Go On A Winter Retreat. Winter is a great time for travel. There are many places in the world where the holidays aren’t the holidays and the winter calendar dates are just more days in the year. For a radical experience, leave tradition behind and start something completely new.
  • Take Advantage Of Holiday Sales. Have a book you’ve been eyeing? Perhaps a tape, video, movie, calendar, or special gift? Giving to yourself is a way to practice self-care- especially if that item will help boost your spiritual practices.
  • Make A Holiday Goal. The month of December can be busy in schedule. Challenge yourself to a month long goal to keep you anchored and focused in the midst of the chaos. Come month’s end, you’ll feel accomplished with new feelings of confidence and esteem.



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